Posted in CBW 2011

Building Campus Coalitions

Penny Freel from SUNY New Paltz presented “Building Campus Coalitions: A Case Study.” She focused on SUNY New Paltz’s Supplemental Writing Workshop (SWW) Program which offers students a 1 hour workshop and 1 hour of tutoring where students are supported by instructors and tutors on a model of “seamless support” to additionally support a 3 hour composition class.

The model is based on progressive pedagogy (non-remedial in focus); essay-based & portfolio-based. Tutorials are tightly connected to the classroom. Tutors attend class. The out-of-class meetings are set up at a convenient time between the tutors & the students.

“The goal of the SWW program is to achieve a space where students can become self-assured members of the academic community. The combination of the classroom, the workshop, and the Writing Center become the space. It is here where we see students experiment with language, grow as writers and thinkers, and establish relationships with faculty and peers.” Penny Freel and Rachel Elliott Rigolino

See their article: “Remodeling Basic Writing.” Co-authored with Penny Freel. Journal of Basic Writing (2008) 26.2: 49 – 72.

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