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Exciting New Basic Writing Modules at CompFAQ Wiki

Karen S. Uehling at Boise State University announces:

I am delighted to announce five new modules posted on the basic writing CompFAQs wiki (Composition Frequently Asked Questions wiki from CompPile):

These resources were created by students in my graduate Teaching Basic Writing seminar at Boise State University, Spring 2011.

I had fourteen exceptional students in this seminar, some of whom have now graduated and are teaching or soon will be. These pre-service basic writing professionals did extensive research, created new materials, held a panel discussion, surveyed Council on Basic Writing members, and performed the first analysis of data from the CBW “National Survey of Basic Writing Programs.” I urge you to take the time to review these rich resources—and add to them.

Here are their contributions:
Service-Learning and Basic Writing: How can service-learning be implemented in a basic writing course? Extensive research including national service learning resources and application to basic writing. Created by Jeremy Branstad, Kimberly Pierce, and Richard Samuelson, Boise State University, Spring 2011.

English Language Learners and Basic Writing: What do basic writing instructors need to know to improve ELL student writing? Resources for teaching ELL students generally in basic writing and resources and original teaching materials for Mexican American ELL students. Initiated by Cecilia Pattee, Amanda Fehrer and Reba Bailey, Boise State University, Spring 2011.

CBW Survey Results by Type of School: What are the Trends Shown in the CBW Survey of Writing Programs When Collated by Type Of School? First analysis of data from the CBW “National Survey of Basic Writing Programs” with graphic representation, including spread sheet and bar graph analyses. Developed by Rick Coonrod, Shawna Schneiderman, and Nick Rose, Boise State University, Spring 2011.

Teaching Reading in Basic Writing: A resource for instructors looking to learn and share ways and reasons for incorporating reading instruction and practice in the Basic Writing classroom. Includes information from panel discussion with faculty at Boise State University and survey of CBW members who take varied approaches to reading. Developed by Joshua Seely, Alex Goochey, and Jenny Lawrence, Boise State University, Spring 2011.

Best Practices for Basic Writing Placement: Extensive overview of placement practices used to identify students for Basic Writing. Exceptional primary source research on existing placement procedures. Resource developed by Sarah Olson and Debra Touchette, Boise State University, Spring 2011.


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