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Still More Ways to Connect With Other Basic Writing Faculty & CCCC!


We are thrilled to invite you to participate in “There’s Nothing Basic About Basic Writing,” an asynchronous prelude to a 4C’s Roundtable discussion. Our discussion forum will post new prompts monthly on a variety of issues affecting Basic Writers and those who teach them. We are initiating this dialogue to engage as many people as possible in a discussion about issues related to Basic Writing. We hope that in these discussions individuals will share resources, best practices as well as develop a national community that can also help members respond to local issues. Please join us as we discuss many of the issues that face us in our daily work including:

•Who Are Basic Writers?
•Academic Skills and Writing Centers
•Teaching With Technology in the Basic Writing Classroom
•Teacher Preparation and Professional Development in Basic Writing
•Building Community and Grammar Instruction Within Basic Writing Classrooms

You can find us at: On-line discussion begins today and will continue building! Please join us online early & often. In March, join us in St. Louis (in person or virtually)!


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