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Join Us For an On-Line Discussion About Basic Writing!

There’s nothing basic about Basic Writing!

Please JOIN US for an online roundtable hosted on Facebook to discuss
issues in Basic Writing!

Elaine Jolayemi, Carla Maroudas, Ilene Rubenstein, Amy Edwards
Patterson, J. Elizabeth Clark, Leigh Jonaitis, Marisa Klages, Debra
Berry, Kelly Keane and Shelley Rodrigo got together after CCCC last
year with the idea of extending the conversation around Basic Writing
using technology. We wanted to provide an opportunity to hear about
Basic Writing from our colleagues across the country. So, you’re all

What is this about? As the number of students placed into Basic
Writing courses grows, especially in the two-year colleges, how to
best support these students has become an increasingly complex area of
inquiry for faculty and researchers. Who are these students? How are
they placed and evaluated? How can Writing Centers best support them?
How can technology best be employed in the classroom or online? What
kinds of training do faculty need? How does day-to-day life in the
Basic Writing classroom differ from a transfer level or advanced
composition classroom?

The purpose of the dialogue is to engage as many people as possible in
a discussion about issues related to Basic Writing. We hope that in
these discussions individuals will share resources, best practices as
well as develop a national community that can also help members
respond to local issues.

How will it work? Each week, new topics will be launched on the CBW
Facebook Group for an informal, asynchronous chat. This will lead up
to CCCC where we will synchronously chat (face-to-face and online) at
CCCC in a roundtable on Saturday, March 24, 2012. By starting the
discussion online we will engage a larger audience as well as
document, summarize, and synthesize the discussion to remain as
resources for others after the conference. So, no matter where you are
and whether or not you’re coming to CCCC, we want to hear from you!

We’ll post one of the following topics each Sunday and Wednesday on
Facebook and then open up the conversation. Please listen in, join
the discussion and participate!

Topics and Themes:

*2/26: Who are Basic Writers?
*2/29: Student Placement
*3/4: Day-to-Day in the Life
*3/7: Teaching with Technology
*3/11: Teacher Preparation
*3/14: Professional Development
*3/18: Academic Skills & Writing Centers

How do I get started? Just join the CBW Facebook Group (you ask for
membership and we’ll add you) and start posting!

The group is “Council on Basic Writing

If you have questions or need technical help, please feel free to
contact Shelley Rodrigo at shelley.rodrigo@gmail [dot]com or J. Elizabeth
Clark at lclark@lagcc [dot] cuny [dot] edu


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