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Invitation to Join a Basic Skills Initiative!

Do you want more students to pass your developmental class?
Are you frustrated by student failure?
Do you want to invigorate your teaching and classroom practice?

Apply to be part of GSCC 2.0 (

Global Skills for College Completion invites you to experience your classroom in a whole new way- for improved student outcomes and better recognition of your work.

At GSCC we:

Understand the challenges associated with remedial courses
Help you to custom design a teaching approach that best suits your challenges, personality and skill set.
Empower you to connect with and learn from other developmental faculty.

More about GSCC here:


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5 thoughts on “Invitation to Join a Basic Skills Initiative!

  1. Hello, I am not sure if I belong in this group but I feel I teach the most basic of basic readers and writers. I teach adult literacy, GED and pre-GED. When students first come to my classes their vision is limited; They want that GED. They speak shyly, but hopefully of a better life for themselves and their families. Then, as our time together progresses, as we slog through reading and writing at oh-so-basic levels, pose questions and learn to trust each other, I see their horizons expand to greater possibilities, to college and professional careers. My job as their teacher is to support this learning and growth. But I need help. How to make my lesson plans more meaningful and creative? How to help them improve reading and writing skills, and deepen their thinking in the short time we have together. Note: These classes are frequently only 66 hours.

  2. Hi Jane,
    I am flying in from Honolulu at 7:55 a.m. on Wed. If my plane is on time, I should be able to get to the Workshop by 9:00 or close to that. However, if there is a delay, may I come in anyway? I realize I will have missed a lot at the beginning if this should happen, but I could not leave any earlier since my Tues. class is an accelerated basic and freshman comp writing course that meets for 3 hours. Please let me know.
    Mahalo, Jill Abbott

      1. Thank you so much! I am hoping for smooth sailing and good weather so that the flight is on time. I am very much looking forward to attending the workshop!
        Aloha, Jill

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