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Prepping for CCCC 2013

Hi Everyone,
We are so excited about CCCC 2013! I’m writing to update you on  several CBW-related items.
First, are you a blogger? As you know, over the past several years, we have worked hard to live-blog many of the basic writing related sessions so that our colleagues who cannot attend CCCC 2013 have access to information about the basic writing related sessions. If you are interested in blogging, please e-mail me off-list at lclark [at] lagcc [dot] cuny [dot] edu.
Second: don’t forget to register for CBW 2013! We have a great program scheduled highlighting race and basic writing. You can view the full schedule here:
Also, Pearson is generously sponsoring a Basic Writing Reception on 3/13/13 at 5 p.m. in the same room as the CBW workshop!
Third: I’ve been asked if CBW can again list all of the basic writing sessions at CCCC. We are happy to do that and to share that information on our blog and Facebook page. To do so, I need your help. I will be very happy to compile the information if you send me:
The number of your panel
The title of your panel
Location & Time
A 2-3 sentence description
Your name
Your presentation title
The titles of any other basic writing presentations on the same panel
Here is an example:
A.17: There’s Nothing Basic about Basic Writing
Location:  Riviera Hotel, Royale Pavilion 6, First Floor
Time:  Thursday 3/14 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM
Join us for a face-to-face exploration of major issues facing Basic Writing faculty and students. This roundtable discussion is the culmination of month-long asynchronous dialogue highlighting issues in Basic Writing.
Chair: John McKinnis Buffalo State College
Co-Chair: Rochelle Rodrigo Old Dominion University
Debra Berry College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas – Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
J. Elizabeth Clark LaGuardia Community College, CUNY – Teaching with Technology
Elaine Jolayemi Ivy Tech College – Who Are Basic Writers?
Leigh Jonaitis Bergen Community College – Who Are Basic Writers?
Marisa Klages LaGuardia Community College – Teacher Preparation & Professional Development
Carla Maroudas Mt. San Jacinto Community College – Student Placement
Amy Edwards Patterson Moraine Park Technical College – Day-to-Day Life in the Classroom
Ilene Rubenstein College of the Desert – Academic Skills/Writing Centers
Please only send basic writing-related panels. Last year, a number of people sent me information like, “I’m A.17” and I had to look up the information. If you’d like to be listed, would you please send me the complete information for your panel? It will help me to put together the list quickly and efficiently. Thanks!
Looking forward to seeing you all at CCCC 2013!


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