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CBW@ TYCA Northeast

 CBW will be presenting at TYCA Northeast this fall. Those of you who have regularly attended CBW know that finding more links between CBW and TYCA has been a goal of both groups. I’m delighted to say that thanks to Leigh Jonaitis’ leadership, we will be presenting 2 sessions on CBW at TYCA Northeast this fall. If you’re in the regional area, we hope that you will join us for this great conference!
Barbara Gleason, Marisa Klages, Lynn Reid, Thomas Peele and J. Elizabeth Clark will all be presenting on behalf of CBW.
I’m including some conference highlights below. You can read all about the whole conference here:
We are hoping, for those of you in other regions, that this can begin to serve as a model for other conferences to strengthen our Basic Writing community work.
Please consider joining us if you can for this great conference!

Two‐Year College English Association Northeast (TYCA‐NE) Annual Conference
October 3‐5, 2013
Morristown, NJ


2:30‐3:30: Breakout Session A
3:45‐4:45: Breakout Session B (includes Conference on Basic Writing workshop) 5:00‐6:00: Breakout Session C (includes Conference on Basic Writing workshop) 6:00‐7:00: Cocktail Party sponsored by Pearson
7:00: Hosted Dinners


8:15‐9:15: Breakfast and Panel: “From Professor to Administrator” 9:30‐10:30: Breakout Session D
10:45‐11:45: Breakout Session E
12:00‐2:00 Lunch and Keynote Speaker Gary Shteyngart

2:15‐3:15: Breakout Session F
3:30‐4:30: Breakout Session G
5:00‐6:30 Cocktail Party sponsored by Bedford


8:15‐9:15: Breakfast and Panel: “The Future of Journalism” 9:30‐10:30: Breakout Session H
10:45‐11:45: Breakout Session I
12:00‐2:00 Lunch and Keynote Speaker Richard Miller 2:15‐3:15: Breakout Session J

4:00‐8:00: Meeting of the TYCA Regional Executive Committee


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