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E01: Collaboration, Community, Caucusing

For some reason, our usual Thursday night SIG was turned into a Friday 8am meeting-we aren’t sure why- and hope we will be back to our traditional schedule next year… but in the meantime about 25 people made it to the furthest reaches of the Convention Center to talk about Basic Writing this morning.

We started the morning by awarding the CBW Award for Innovation “The Inny” to Robby Nadler at the University of Georgia for his program on Basic Science Writing.

Robby shared his program with us and was set to share the success of the program later in the day at a C’s session. He was also kind enough to bring early morning donuts to our meeting! An unexpected but much needed surprise!

After the INNY presentation and discussion Jason Evans led us through small group discusses around placement, the integration of reading and writing, assessment and policy issues. Groups all shared a synopsis of their discussion and we all went our separate ways. Until next year CBW!

Watch this space for exciting ways to interact around Basic Writing issues in the next months!

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