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Take the Survey on Basic Writing!

The National Survey of Basic Writing Programs, sponsored by the Conference on Basic Writing is intended to gather information nationwide about basic writing programs, policies, teaching practices, demographics, and the effects of state and local legislation on them.

Approved at the CBW workshop at the 2008 Conference on College Composition and Communication, the survey is available at CompPile starting November 2008.

The database will provide national information for teachers, researchers, and program administrators about the history, structures, and practices of basic writing in the U.S. Its effectiveness, however, depends on how many surveys are completed. You can fill in part of the survey, save it, and return to complete it at a later date. Even partial completion will contribute to the collection of national data.

We urge you to complete the survey for the basic writing program or courses at your institution and to encourage colleagues at other institutions to do the same. Thank you.

Take the survey!