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Accelerated Learning Project (W7)

Today, we were excited to hear more about the Accelerated Learning Project, originated at the Community College of Baltimore County by Peter Adams. ALP is an alternative model for teaching basic writing by placing basic writers in an introductory composition course (not a basic or developmental writing course) with composition students. The basic writing cohort, embedded in the composition course also meets separately in a small group with the instructor. In that smaller group, students are able to work on additional papers, drafts, and projects related to the composition course.

Today, more than 46 colleges and universities are experimenting with ALP. Today, we had a chance to hear from the Community College of Baltimore County, LaGuardia Community College, and Patrick Henry Community College so that we could see the local differences in the model as it was adapted at a rural and an urban community college.

Michelle Zollars of Patrick Henry Community College reported on local innovations at their campus as PHCC adapted the model for their campus. Developmental Education in the state of Virginia is moving towards adapting ALP.

Heidi Johnsen talked about the challenges of administering ALP at a large, urban community college with standardized placement and exit exams.

In both case studies, ALP courses had a significantly higher pass rate than stand alone basic writing courses.

You can learn more about ALP here: ALP
And here: ALP Professional Development