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Teaching Students How to Perform Science Writing

Robby Nadler explores Basic Writers in Science

The next session highlight the 2018 INNY Award Winners: Robby Nadler and Lindsey Harding presented the work they did with Christy Desmet, Kris Miller, & Kimberly Brown’s work on curriculum development at the University of Georgia in helping introductory biology students learn to write for science.

The presentation examined the collaboration between UGA’s Division of Biology, First-year Composition, and the Writing Intensive Program. They examined writing gaps in transferring writing skills between the humanities and the sciences, specifically biology, developing a specific curriculum to address the gaps they discovered.

They focused on teaching for transfer, peer review, citations, the use of source material in science (different from in the humanities), writing abstracts, word banks, with students. With faculty and graduate learning assistants, they focused on five minute mini-lessons (5MT).

Participants were invited to sketch out a 5MT and share it in small groups. Group one focused on integrating sources into student writing. Group 2 focused on understanding the conventions of the genre.

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